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Continuously pursuing strategies for advancing the human condition in areas of: mind, body and spirit.  

Hire Tony to help you transform your life and achieve your optimal health and wellness goals today! 

About Tony

Anthony Johnson is a Certified Personal Trainer, Educator, Public Speaker, and Motivational Coach.

In 2010 he accomplished a tremendous life goal of losing 100+ pounds in a calendar year. He now wakes up every day with the inspired intention of helping as many people cultivate and execute the lifestyle changes he did.

His specialities include: Weight-loss, Functional Mobility and Stability Training, Sports Conditioning, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Obstacle Course Race Training, and he is an avid Yogi and practices daily meditation.


Come enjoy the sunshine and breeze off the ocean in Mission Beach, California!  

Individual and Small Group Coaching

Expert fitness programming emphasizing in: weight-loss, addition of lean muscle tissue, sport-specific training, functional mobility and stability, rehabilitation, and/or improving self-image. All programs include guided meditation, and self-reflection and journaling to encourage a mind-body connection.  

Accountability Coaching

Weekly conferences and 3x weekly check-in’s to set, refine, and implement strategies to hold you accountable and help you achieve the best version of yourself.  

Fitness Vacations

Not local to San Diego, but want to train with me? Come receive expert instruction, support, and motivation in sunny southern California! 

At Mindful and Fit Coaching, we offer coached personal training geared toward advancing the human condition in all aspects of mind, body, and spirit. We are not your average fitness bootcamp. Each session includes guided meditation and a stretching and reflection cool-down time at the end. Each client is encouraged to journal each day with the goal of identifying your negative, self-limiting beliefs – working with a coach who will offer strategies for systematically reframing those into positive, life-affirming beliefs. In addition, you will receive individualized instruction from one of the nation’s elite fitness trainers, Tony Johnson, who transformed his own life in 2010 and has since helped 1,000’s of people do the same. 


“ I had been a past contestant on NBC’s, The Biggest Loser, and I experienced the training styles of both Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels, who were tagged as America’s toughest and most inspiring trainers. Truthfully, in my opinion, they paled in comparison after meeting and working with Tony. He had this ability to connect on a very down to earth level and because you knew that he had walked the walk his talk was pure truth. I care about this man more then he probably knows. And he has inspired me to strive and live my best life. Today, I live my life knowing that regardless of the adversity I face in my life, my life’s purpose is worth every uncomfortable moment of hard work. Tony Johnson – I am honored to call him a constant inspiration and a life long friend. . ”

- Sam Poueu, Semifinalist, Season 11 of "The Biggest Loser

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