Are you:

-finding yourself slipping into old habits?
-sick and tired of being sick and tired?
-done with fad diets and yo-yoing?
-unsure of how to get started?
-needing motivation, support, and guidance in your pursuit of your wellness goals?
-wanting to train for a sport specific goal?
-looking to get in-shape for an upcoming event?
-wanting someone to help set healthy, sustainable benchmarks for achievement in your health and wellness journey?
-looking to apply what you learned at fitness camp into your daily life?
Well, Mindful and Fit Coaching offers a meaningful solution to those questions with our Accountability Coaching packages.
We offer coaching packages that can include any of the following:
-weekly one-on-one or small-group coaching sessions by video chat, or by phone;
-twice weekly check-ins to email, text message, or phone.
-weekly weigh-in’s
-guided visualizations and meditations
-PLUS: challenges and rewards (such as a free week of Mindful and Fit Coaching*) for hitting physical and body recomposition benchmarks.
What is accountability coaching? 
An accountability coach is someone who motivates another person to keep their commitment. Mindful and Fit utilizes consistent and convenient communication to motivate, inspire, and track progress; to celebrate victories and help learn from mistakes; and to offer professional advice on mindfulness, nutrition, and physical fitness.
The nature of the service varies for each client, but you can count on weekly Skype or Google Hangout calls focusing on reflection, goal-setting, visualization and thought experiments, planning out a fitness and nutrition plan for the next week, troubleshooting problems or potential roadblocks to success, and strategies for advancing your progress to your goals.
Why should I hire an accountability coach?
Studies show social support to be a major factor in determining whether a person will adhere to an exercise regime and/or balanced nutrition program. A University of Scranton study suggests that 92 percent of people cite not having an accountablility partner as a major reason for not achieving their goals.
Many individuals that lose weight tend to struggle with maintenance. An accountability coach helps them elevate their game by offering the professional support and expert knowledge of someone who has lost 145 pounds, maintained weight loss for nearly a decade, and pursued a career helping 1,000’s of people transform their lifestyle!
What is the typical program timeline?
Initial Consultation – 
Each person is afforded a free consultation to discuss their health history, goals, potential setbacks, and how I can be of service in the pursuit of your goals. Sign up for your’s here:
After this consultation, I will submit a recommendation for coaching via email that typically involves a 4-16 week plan, depending on your goals.
Planning Session –
Initial Weigh-In
Identify process-oriented goals
Identify product-oriented goals
Establish a realistic time frame to achieve goals
Identify tips and tricks that work for you
Helping you unpacking and grow your relationship with your “why?” by discovering what motivates you, challenges, you, and drives you.
*Please bring a list of all upcoming trips and/or social events. These dates will effect the plan I derive for you.
Weekly Sessions by phone, video chat.
These sessions begin with reflection on the prior week – offering an opportunity to celebrate your successes and seeing if there is any lesson to be taken into the following week. I will offer questions to consider, suggestions for corrective action, new perspectives for looking at your situation, or just listen and let you vent. Depending on your situation and what motivates you, I can be empathetic and hold your hand or the coach that demands a lot out of you. I’m oftentimes a healthy and effective balance of both.
Attainment of your goals fundamentally begins with your own belief in your ability to achieve them. I will help you see the best version of yourself and gently nudge you in that direction.
Email, Text, or or Facebook messenger:
 I promise to check-in on your progress at least twice per week. Some situations need more attention, or assistance and I promise to make myself available as often as possible. I truly care about your goals as much you do. *Disclaimer – these messages may contain one or more of my inspirational quotes, stories, or dad jokes.

How much does this cost? 

Programs range in cost, depending on the nature of our arrangement. On average, most programs cost about 100 dollars per week. Contracts over 12 weeks will earn a ten percent discount. All payments take place through PayPal. Contacts must be signed and payments must be received before service is rendered.
You can always ask further questions via email: or fill-out the questionnaire below and I will contact you privately.  

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.