Meditation and HIIT Training

Each day at Mindful and Fit Coaching begins with Meditation. Lately, our meditations take place at Oceanside State Beach – pictured above.

We begin by laying out, and taking a seat on a few large Baja blankets – wrapping ourselves tightly in a few heavy weighted wool blankets. Beginning at 6am, we find a sense of rootedness to the earth, close our eyes, and take three deep breaths to release all the stress, worry, and troubles of our daily lives in favor of an embrace of the present moment.

Following the introductory rooting process, we open ourselves to the 4 soul questions: Who am I? What do I want? What is my Dharma, or purpose in life? What am I grateful for? Without needing to know the answer to these questions, we release them to the universe, manifesting the answers into existence and trusting the universe to take care of all things.

Next, we set four key intentions for our day, namely the presence of an energetic and joyful body; a kind and compassionate heart; an insightful, reflective and alert mind; and peacefulness of being. In repeating our intentions, we set the tone for our day and prepare our minds and bodies for fun, but strenuous exercise.

Many modern fitness studios are incorporating meditation into their fitness practice. Studies demonstrate mindfulness practice has an overwhelming ability to promote individual durability, resilience, and endurance of physical stress and strain. Simply by developing an awareness of our breath and how paced, controlled breathing can regulate the nervous system – we can improve our 5k racing times, ability to endure longer work/rest ratio’s during high intensity interval training, and perhaps even train for a marathon, triathlon, or other long-distance race.

Mindful and Fit Coaching believes in, and promotes meditation as a mindfulness strategy to increase physical output during workouts. New to mindfulness or meditation, consider downloading the Head Space app or the Calm App both are very user-friendly introductions to guided meditation. Consider playing one of their short meditations during your next warm-up and let me know how it effects your workout, if at all.

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