Mindful and Fit in 2017: Using Mindfulness and Physical Fitness to promote resilience this year.

2016 was, perhaps, the most challenging and bizarre year of my life. The meme’s and gif’s I see on social media lead me to believe I share this value with many people across America. 2016 certainly had it’s fair share of blunders and missed opportunities, but I tend to try and look at each one as an important lesson that will forever shape the trajectory of my life and the lives of many others for years to come.

For me 2016 was also a year of growth and change. I was challenged by the end of a marriage to a beautiful woman whom I once loved very much. I changed careers to leave one passion (education) for another (physical fitness), relocated from Sandy, Utah back to San Diego, California to pursue new opportunities and live close to the ocean.

Through all of the change, I have tried my best to trust the quietest voice in my head, the one that takes a while to fully hear and comprehend. In the process I’ve come to enjoy a much less turbulent, more peaceful existence.

In a world full of uncertainty, I know three things to be certain:

  1. One of my primary purposes for being on earth is motivating others to be their best. I find fulfillment, joy and peace in helping others realize their potential and actualize it.
  2. Mindfulness and Physical Fitness are two central tenets of my overall wellness philosophy that, when integrated into a mind, body, and spiritual development program can help people tap into their inner peace and find a type of happiness they never thought possible.
  3. This blog will serve as a space of ongoing dialogue about ways to fuse academic theory on mindfulness, human biomechanics, nutrition, and positive psychology with my own and others’ lived experience related to weight, body-image, and self-identity.

I created Mindful and Fit as a space to include thoughts, articles, pictures, and other forms of mediated content that aim to advance the human condition. I hope to help inspire as many people as possible to be introspective, active, and aware of the meaningful connection between their mind and body. In so doing, I intend to live out my purpose on earth by helping motivate growth and change in each person who stops by to read.

My hope is that 2017 will offer an opportunity to articulate the lessons I’ve learned in progressing through the mistakes I’ve made and the challenges I’ve encountered from 2016 and before. In the process, I may be able to positively impact someone along the way. Thank you for reading. More to come!

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