Mustering Mindful Motivation.

The first ten days of 2017 have come and gone. This is the time when the luster and shine of the new year tends to fade for most people, as their brain continues to assert specific, compelling reasons to ignore their bodies craving for dynamic movement.

“It is cold outside, this couch feels so good, or wow, I am sore from the last few days of working out” are all likely stories you tell yourself to rationalize giving yourself a bit of slack and skipping a day of workouts.

Now is the time to check-in with yourself and ask, “are my actions consistent with my goal set? Am I progressing toward accomplishing my objectives for the new year? If you find yourself saying no to those questions, you need to muster up mindful motivation and get back on track!

This post offers a few mindful motivation strategies to compel you to eat clean and move your body in new and dynamic ways this year:

Food is fuel signs – if you are compulsive with food, you must find a way to fundamentally reorient your relationship to food. For me, that required creating 6-8 signs reading “food is fuel, nothing more, nothing less,” and posting them everywhere I would mindlessly eat.

Food alarms – if you have the opposite challenge and neglect to fuel your body due to stress at home, at work, or both. It may be a good idea for you to set food alarms to remind yourself to eat every three hours. Assuming you have healthy snacks prepared, eating becomes simple and formulaic.

Keep your “why” with you at all times – Being lazy and eating while watching TV is certainly the easier approach to life, but is certainly far from a rewarding lifestyle. If you remember why you’re pursuing your goals, you will definitely be more likely to take the more challenging route of moving your body and feeding it whole foods.

Establish a routine incorporating workout time, snacks and meals – I prep my food on Sundays and try to workout before the sun rises each day. If you plan these things into your day, and make them a priority, you will do it. Is brushing your teeth in the morning something you would ever purposely not do? Your goal should be to make exercise a similarly non-negotiable priority.

Craft a series of workout playlists – I dig a complex mix of house music, dance music, scary hard rock, a few hip hop songs, and a classic rock ballad or two. Keep creating new mixes to keep things interesting.

Set your clothes out ahead of time – if you have money left over from Christmas, go buy a new workout outfit or two. I try to keep my workout clothes in a separate hamper, so they are always accessible.

Try not to miss a Monday – Monday’s are easy extensions of the weekend, and for many the start of the week becomes an excuse to sleep in, stay longer at work, or find another excuse to avoid exercise. But, Monday’s set the tone for your week. Getting a solid workout in on Mondays can allow you the foresight and time to think about your goals and put you in the right place to achieve them.

Bottom line. Accept your past failures, challenges, and setbacks – as well as your triumphs, successes, and physical accomplishments. Learn your lessons, but don’t dwell in them too long. If you end up making a less than ideal decision, forgive yourself and move on. Don’t let one bad meal become a bad nutrition day – don’t let a bad nutrition day become a bad nutrition week or month. Try to move your body in new and dynamic ways for 30 minutes to an hour 4-6 times each week.

Good luck! Go Beast! Move in the direction of your wildest goals and dreams!

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