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” Tony is unapologetically himself — energized, singing, loving, but also not taking anyone’s excuses. In workouts and conversations he continuously expected more of me than I did of myself; he saw the best version of myself when I couldn’t see it. He gracefully pushed me to a point where I too, desired to become the person he saw – or at least quit hiding, and let myself shine. There is nothing more infectious, more admirable, than his genuine caring soul. Tony is an inspiration through and through. I think of him when I feel inadequate in my fitness, personal, and professional life, and his story gives me strength to keep fighting. I can never thank him enough.”



” I had been a past contestant on NBC’s, The Biggest Loser, and I experienced the training styles of both Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels, who were tagged as America’s toughest and most inspiring trainers. Truthfully, in my opinion, they paled in comparison after meeting and working with Tony. He had this ability to connect on a very down to earth level and because you knew that he had walked the walk his talk was pure truth. I care about this man more then he probably knows. And he has inspired me to strive and live my best life. Today, I live my life knowing that regardless of the adversity I face in my life, my life’s purpose is worth every uncomfortable moment of hard work. Tony Johnson – I am honored to call him a constant inspiration and a life long friend.   “



” Tony is a very special person who genuinely cares about the people he works with. He isn’t just a trainer; he is SO MUCH MORE to people like myself who are struggling and think they have no value. I’ve watched him coach multiple campers up Double Peaks who swore they could never do such a feat, but they did it with his encouragement. Tony’s joy comes from lifting people up and showing them they can live their dreams, and that’s something very wonderful. He never made any of it about him; he made it about us. He is a true giver, and as a business owner myself, I wish I could clone him and have an army of Tonys on my payroll. Please know that many clients like myself think you are absolutely amazing. I will always be grateful that I met you and got to have you as a trainer and a friend. You helped me save my life, Tony. I can never begin to thank you enough for that, but please know I am on this healthy path now because of you. Thank you again. For everything”



” I first met Tony two years ago at fitness camp. Over the course of several weeks at camp, Tony demonstrated not only a strong commitment and dedication to his work, but brought a level of experience and energy to his job I have rarely seen. Given his own experiences with weight loss and fitness, he connected on a personal level with clients and understood how to motivate each participant. His motivational style combined with his knowledge of fitness was a personal inspiration to me. He pushed me to a higher level of performance and helped me to realize I was capable of more. He genuinely cared about his clients and his commitment extended beyond camp. In between visits to camp, he continued to provide support and encouragement. I am indebted to Tony for helping me find the strength to change the course of my life, and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone searching to hire a fitness professional. “



“Melinda(my wife) and I met Tony in August 2017 when we decided to spend our 20 yr. anniversary at a fitness camp to try make some life changes. Upon our first day of workouts at the camp, it became very apparent who seemed to be the face of the program. It was Tony Johnson. Because we were brand new to the camp, it took us a few days to meet the trainers and campers and to understand the dynamic of our new adventure. The task of the trainers seemed almost impossible to the the two of us. To have group of 20-30 accomplished adults all together, make them all feel connected to each other, connected to the trainers, make sure each feel like they received enough personal attention, and most importantly, that they got their money’s worth. They exceeded our expectations. Our experience was that Tony seemed to be the first one there every morning, helping prepare protein shakes for the clients, and usually the last one there at the end of the day to say goodnight before we all departed to our rooms. He was usually the one to organize rides, get everyone moving to the next workout or snack, as well as directing the other trainers in a gentle way. Melinda and I felt an almost instant connection to Tony because we came to get a kickstart and major results on our fitness journey. We knew that it would not be easy and that we would need to put in the work. It was apparent that Tony would be the one that would be able to help us achieve our goals. It seemed to us that Tony knew when to turn up the heat and push us to a different level, and that he also knew when to show a soft, gentle, understanding and caring side when things get hard. One of the things that kept us going while at camp and after was Tony sharing his own personal fitness success. It blew us away to see him at his unhealthiest, to where he came to. We knew that if he could do it, then so could we.
Since that time, Melinda and I have EACH lost almost 40 lbs. Melinda has lost 13% body fat and is currently at about 20%. I have lost about 8% body fat and am currently at 24%. All the while we were at our home in Alaska working out, we could hear Tony’s words of encouragement in the back of our heads helping push us toward success. Thank you again Tony!! “

Greg and Melinda


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